Karen Haggerty

Writer & Clinical Hypnotherapist


Born in London, Karen has lived overseas in Germany, Portugal and India. She has established numerous charitable projects for underprivileged adults and children overseas.

She has worked closely with schools, orphanages, tribes and local communities building sponsorship programs for victims of child labour and street children in India. Having undertaken training in hypnosis and NLP and in 2010 she completed further studies incorporating a course in medical hypnosis. She then volunteered her expertise as a therapist to the ACE of Clubs homeless charity in Clapham, London. Working with homeless and vulnerable adults, many having learning difficulties and a history of alcohol and drug abuse. 

Karen has 5 children, two of whom have been adopted from India. A talented writer, she is now sharing her experiences of the adoption process and the emotional upheaval involved through her book and screenplay "From Goa With Love". She has attracted interest from several TV Production companies who are intent on bringing her fascinating and emotional story to life. Karen's unique perspective, finding humour and light in sometimes very dark situations, make her style of writing an exciting and sought after commodity.  

Tragically, Karen's son Alexander died unexpectedly at home aged only 30 years old. A devoted son and father of a young boy, Alexander "Stan”s passing had a profound effect on the entire family. She has had to work hard to come to terms with his loss and the impact it has had on her, finding strength in her therapist training. This has had a powerful and insightful impact on her writing style and her very real ability to draw on personal experiences and bring them to life, allowing the reader to immerse and relate to the stories within.

A master of many trades, Karen’s therapy background brought to work alongside many a household celebrity, moving into a Management & PR capacity. Karen has not only built a large following on social media, including many high flyers in business and media, but also gained invaluable experience and many an anecdote for her writing career going forward! Leaving the world of Management to dedicate herself to her writing, she brings with her more than enough insight to fill several more novels in the future.