Karen Haggerty

Writer & Clinical Hypnotherapist

I made it!

After all the stopping and starting, I’m here.

Drinking my coffee on an early, very peaceful morning in beautiful Slovakia. We’re staying in a small sleepy village about forty-five minutes drive from Poprad-Tatry airport. After eighteen months without a visit to my grandson Maximus, due to being too ill to travel, I held him in my arms last night until they hurt. I always need to fly somewhere to be with those I love. Thankfully Slovakia is much closer than India!

However, this being me, things were not without drama before I left Wimbledon; I feel I’ve paid almost with blood for this trip.

First, checking in with Wizz Air online, I almost fainted when I discovered my passport had expired four days previously! With fraud concerning British passports now rife, a booked interview seemed the only way to obtain a new one. You can get a passport in one week for a £177 premium. So I paid and booked this service.

Then I looked at purchasing another ticket for a week later, meaning I would lose a week of my holiday. Luckily my son knew of a visa/passport company who were able to help.

Long story a little shorter: I went to their office, paid for their service and eventually they worked their magic and we were still able to fly to Poprad as planned.

However, before we left, our housekeeper wanted to be paid cash for her holiday back home to Romania.

Apparently, the banks there don’t allow money to be taken out without charging the account holder an exorbitant fee! That’s all fine and dandy but some notice would have helped.

Dashing daily to the hole in the wall in Wimbledon and fighting my way through the tennis crowds is a no-no for my body. Luckily my daughter did the needful. Gone are the days of taking out whatever we want from our accounts!

Our housekeeper’s stress level at travelling alone hit an all-time high the day before she left but the house calmed down on Wednesday when she went to the airport to catch her flight.

She’s a wonderful lady, and my best friend, but God does she stress – and usually all over me!